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"Eight years ago when we elected to open a Bed and Breakfast, we really thought that it would be a piece of cake given our hospitality experience. We had, in other lives, owned stores, restaurants, chartered boats, managed golf and fitness clubs and dealt with staff and the public. We considered ourselves 'people' people. Entertaining prospective customers and clients had been an enjoyable part of our backgrounds; surely, B&B would simply be an extension of this - wouldn't it? Just to be on the safe side we read a couple of 'How To' books on B&B and we felt overtrained. Boy, were we wrong!"

from: To B&B or Not To B&B

"A must read for anyone thinking of entering
the popular and growing Bed and Breakfast field."


The EBook:
The book has now had its third revision and has been put out as an Ebook. Immediate delivery and no shipping costs!

B&Bs should appear to run effortlessly but this façade is only maintained by excellent planning, organization, and careful attention to detail. This is what "To B&B or Not To B&B" is all about. It's a wealth of useful information on all aspects of operating a B&B and is presented in a very readable form.

"I have been looking at your book and I think it's a terrific resource, full of definitive information."
-Pamela Lanier, Lanier Travel Guides

"As a former B&B owner and teacher of B&B seminars in Alberta, I can highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of starting a bed and breakfast. Well-written, funny, informative, and very useful. I recommend it to my students."
-Elsa Peterson, formerly of Dicken's Inn B&B

About the authors

"Mary and Bruce Jaffary have opened and operated three successful Bed and Breakfasts in the past eight years and have both spent much time in the hospitality industry in New Zealand and Canada. They are eminently qualified to write about the growing B&B business."

They also present seminars in Courtneay and have recently written an online B&B seminar.

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1 What a B&B Is Not
Chapter 2 What a B&B Is
Chapter 3 Who Are You?
Chapter 4 Why Do You Want a B&B?
Chapter 5 Where Do You Plan To Open Your B&B?
Chapter 6 How Will You Open Your B&B?
Chapter 7 Your B&B
Chapter 8 Handling Guests
Chapter 9 Odds and Ends
Chapter 10 Breakfast
Chapter 11 Serving Breakfast
Chapter 12 Goodbye
Chapter 13 The Business End Of B&B
Chapter 14 Marketing
Chapter 15 Provincial and State Accreditation
Chapter 16 Conclusion

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