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Breakfast Blooms, a Muskoka B&B Cookbook with Folklore,
was nurtured by owners Gaye and George and encouraged to grow by guests from around the world who nestled down at Woodland Springs close to world famous Algonquin Park. Recipes with creativity, blossomed into a 50 item menu offered to guests daily, enticing them to return. They did, again and again. Soon guests lively experiences grafted with cottage folklore and became one...all belonging to this dear old place. A Mennonite background of slow cooking tradition, housed in an historic century old family cottage, gave birth to these Muskoka originals.

“Comfort and charm aside, there is even a more compelling reason
to stay with the Musselmans: the breakfasts include some original recipes like 'egg in a nest ' – a perfectly executed cheese soufflé with yolk suspended in the center and Mennonite maple glazed smoked ham nuggets.”

Frommer's Guide to Algonquin Park


Our "generous best recipes" brought
40 % of our guests back again and again:

*Fruit Bruschetta In Molten Brie
*Maple Roasted Granola Parfait
*Doris' Bacon Cheese Twists
*Spiced Orange in Farina Custard
*Arborio Rice in Warm Apple Custard
*Penlake Puff with Smoked Ham Nuggets
*Oven Toasted Apple Pan Dowdy

TIP: Guests love to circle original breakfast items on vinyl menu card the night before...anticipation is half the fun.

TIP: Allow guests to watch open kitchen breakfast prep and chat with the cook...friends forever.


“I first heard then saw, the revved up testosterone machines right at our kitchen door, disregarding guest parking spaces above. Dressed in full black leathers, my worst fears morphed in broad sunlight: ‘Hell’s Angels’ sleeping under my mother’s hand stitched quilts!”
From Breakfast Blooms story ‘Strangers at the Door’

Written by George and Gaye Musselman
Contact: 1-705-789-9543

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