Hillcrest House
Have you ever thought of opening a Bed and Breakfast?
It can be very rewarding, but you should not go into it without some essential knowledge about the business of B&Bs. Who better to share stories and lessons learned, than the owners of Hillcrest House, Stefan and Wendy Schuster. Over 20 years of experience in hospitality and service, we will ensure a lively and relevant learning experience. The course includes a comprehensive manual and 1 year free subscription to BBCanada.com.

Welcome to the B&B Boot Camp!
You’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but have had no idea where to start or when to finish! We’re here to help you out by making sure you limit the costly mistakes in those crucial early stages of getting your new business going!

We have been running a B&B since 2001 and with our background in customer service, retail, cooking, banking and taxation, this experience has definitely helped. Now we are here to help you! We have been teaching the course through Conestoga College since 2007. We feel that there should be more B&B’s out there. As B&B owners we have a lot to offer our guests. By helping each other out and networking, we can build a stronger customer and client base for us all. When our B&B guests see that we are relaxed and comfortable, then they will be as well. We are here to give you that confidence or at least, give you the tools to decide if it is right for you!

Running a B & B is an excellent way to have a change of lifestyle that will allow you to work from your home and meet many travellers and hear their tales!

The Course Outline:
• Legalee....zy! • The Business Plan • Bookkeeping...keeping the government happy • Becoming a B&B Host, is it right for you? • Marketing • Advertising and Promotion • The web and social networking • Before you open your doors • The guests, your home, your rules • Designing and maintaining guest rooms • Guests are here! • On the menu • Top tens of everything! • FAQ's • Worksheets • Sources and more.....

The Adventure Options:
All options include a comprehensive manual, one year free subscription to BBCanada.com, lively interaction and we stay in touch for any help you may need!

A Day in the life of a B&B host:
A one day private/group lesson (depending on availability)
Single: $185 +HST incl. lunch and snacks
Couple: $265 +HST incl. lunch and snacks
Start time flexible
Spend the day with us and let the fat guy cook!

Two Days, A Night Stay, A Day and a Half in the Life:
A private/group lesson at a more leisurely rate which usually adds to more questions on your part!
Single: $285 +HST, incl. lunch, dinner & of course breakfast
Couple: $355 +HST, incl. lunch, dinner & of course breakfast
Weekend Retreat: 2 Nights Stay, 2 Days in the Life:
A private/group gathering, cocktail party, lots of dialogue, lunch dinner, breakfasts by the fat guy!
Single: $395 +HST, incl. meals, snacks & of course breakfast Couple: $465 +HST incl. all the above

B&B Bootcamp:
Register at www.conestogac.on.ca Course GINT0075
Course runs 4 times per year

Course done in a larger class setting through Conestoga College, but still held at Hillcrest House.

We are available to travel for seminars and workshops

We also have recipe building evenings and lessons in our kitchen, check out our website for more info!

Class in session! Demo at the computer Chef Stef in his element

Stefan and Wendy Schuster
Hillcrest House
Bed and Breakfast

73 George St., Waterloo, ON N2J 1K8


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