Julie’s Walk Bed and Breakfast
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Julie’s Walk B&B (4,900 sq.ft.) was a luxury 4.5 Star Canada Select property situated in Nova Scotia’s capital Halifax. It was successfully operated from 2001 to 2010 when its present owners retired. It’s owners have recently purchased a property out of country and now wish to sell the property; so it is available for sale to be reopened as a 4.5 star luxury B & B.

Nova Scotia is experiencing a growth in its Tourism Industry. B&B occupancy rates have increased almost 50% from 2010 to 2017. Also the pleasure tourist sector (typical B&B client)increased from 34% in 2010 to 39% in 2015. Halifax in particular is very busy after opening the new Nova Centre last December which cost $500 million dollars, with 1 million square feet of multi-use area. The Convention Centre itself is 220% larger than the prior facility. Halifax's waterfront is the most visited area in the province. This should all translate into increased room demand. Halifax is the business and cultural centre of the Atlantic provinces and as such offers full lifestyle amenities.

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The property is located in the original Halifax City, near the city’s second largest park. The airport is 20 minutes highway by car with the downtown’s new Nova Centre being 15 minutes. The house is 4,900 finished square feet with seven bedrooms and eight baths, situated on a nearly half acre landscaped lot with some limited season water views. Owners quarters (1,700 sq. ft.) are incorporated in the facility with a formal separation from the 3,200 sq. ft. B & B portion.

The price is for the unfurnished property only . The price for the B & B business would be included at no cost with an additional charge for any agreed upon B & B furnishings. Owners would be happy to assist buyer to reopen B & B in a prompt manner.

The home is quality construction in very good condition and incorporates many custom features for the B & B business. Annual maintenance and utility costs are minimal.

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- Bed & Breakfast Details -

B&B Name: Julie’s Walk Bed and Breakfast
Contact Name: Peter Gagne
Property Address: 17 Julie's Walk, Halifax, NS B3M 2Z8
Phone 1 : (902) 422-8630
Email :
Website 1 :
Price : $ 749,000

For Sale Listing Number : FS2484

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