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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 71:

Corrections to your listing map

We send your postal code to 'Google Maps' and they return a map, if possible, based on that information. Postal Code regions vary greatly in physical size. If your B&B is in a densely populated region the location most often will be very accurate. Those in more rural areas will see less accuracy.

Note that the "star" is located in the centre of the Postal Code, not on your specific B&B or town.

The provider of the mapping service will not / cannot make changes to maps based on your suggestion. (Please do not contact them with such requests.)

If the map is not suitable to your needs you can turn it off using 'bbdug'.

To turn off the Map feature:

  1. Visit BBDUG
  2. Look for: /Area 2 / Online Map / Locator, Map Link Enabled
  3. Leave the checkmark ON to have the map link appear. Uncheck the box to not allow the map service
  4. Scroll down, click on 'Click here to submit changes'.

Voila, you're done!

The Map isn't Accurate

If you feel the map is not accurate, you can edit it in BBDUG! Under the section 'Google Map', we have placed an address field that can be modified as needed.

By default, the address displayed will be your contact address as entered in Section 1 of BBDUG. However, you may wish to tweak the address, use GPS coordinates, or include an intersection to create a more accurate map.

Some formats that you could use:

Your Address: 318 21st Street East, Suite 220, Saskatoon, SK., S7K 6C8
Your GPS Coordinates: 3.258096, -79.884670
An Intersection: Locke Street and Jackson Street, Hamilton, Ontario

What are GPS co-ordinates?

Global Positioning System allows you to get accurate co-ordinates for your property based on longitude and latitude degrees.

How do I get my GPS co-ordinates?

Simply input your address and/or postal code and click "Geocode It" You will see a map display. Ensure that the map accurately situates you. If so then under the map you will see a series of numbers in brackets like this:

(43.236172, -79.883828)

Simply copy those numbers (without the brackets) and paste them into your BBDUG section 2 in the "Google Map" section. Click "Submit" and you have now changed the position of your B&B on your map.

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