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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 7:

Complete your listing using BBDUG. Lost your password?

How do I create or update my listing using BBDUG? Lost your password?

The fastest and best method to change your listing is by doing it yourself with our very cool update technology called 'BBDUG'. BBDUG stands for Bed and Breakfast Data Update Gadget. It is easy, immediate, and costs nothing to use.

To use BBDUG, simply visit

Our subscribers' web pages are generated dynamically. That means that your page is created on-the-fly by our database as someone goes to view it. We have standard templates (English & French) that display our subscriber web pages.

This dynamic method allows you to modify your listing yourself with changes appearing online immediately. Our BBDUG software takes your changes, updates our database, and then that information is grabbed by our template the next time someone goes to view your page. Cool!

Once you are in BBDUG, there are various sections you may use to edit any of the pictures and details.

Section 1 - Contact Information
Section 2 - Beds & Bathrooms, Payments, Newsletter, Custom URL etc.
Section 3 - Description Areas (English)
Section 4 - Description Area (Français)
Section 5 - Bedroom Management
Section 6 - Photo Gallery
Section 7 - Breakfast Menu and Recipes
Section 8 - Nearby Attractions and Services
Section 9 - Contests / Promotions
Section 10 - Outside Web Hosting
Section 11 - Stay Alert
Section 12 - Gift Certificate
Section 13 - Location Management
Section 14 - Featured Listing
Section 15 - Testimonials
Section 16 - Partnerships and Programs

Section 1 - Contact Information

This section is pretty straight forward. Always make sure these details are up to date and accurate. We suggest you test your email address regularly by sending yourself an email from your listing. If there are ever problems, let your email provider (your internet service provider [ISP]) know right away. Example: Bell, Rogers, Cogeco are examples of ISP)

Also in this section is the number of times your listing has been viewed, which is great to keep an eye on.

Section 2 - Beds & Bathrooms, Payments, Newsletter etc.

Here you can change details of your services, including breakfast type served, beds that are available, bathroom types, and many more details. You may also select a custom URL in this section to use in your BBCanada web address. Example: instead of You may also choose to receive our e-newsletter here, and decide whether you wish to display the map service. For more details about our map and how they work, please click (here).

Section 3 - Description Areas (English)

This section allows you the freedom to describe your B&B in your own words. Here you can include a tagline, which will appear under your B&B name when someone does a search. You can outline your pricing statement next, followed by 5 or 6 statements about your B&B.

This section also outlines your driving directions, seasonal details, check in and out policy, and cancellation policy.

To insert photos on main page or do updates and please visit Section 6 - Photo Gallery.

Section 4 - Description Area (Français)

This is for people who have chosen to list their B&B in both of Canada's official languages. This Area is identical to Area 3, but you can input all your information in French.

For more details on adding a second language module to your listing please visit:
What is a language module, what benefits will it offer my business, pricing, how do I register and maintain it?.

Section 5 - Bedroom Management

This Area is of great value to you, and will allow you to highlight your individual bedrooms with more detail. Best of all, it's free to our subscribers!

In addition to the five pictures on your main page and the additional 10 in the Photo Gallery, we are giving you an extra area to include one interior picture of each of your bedrooms up to 12 bedrooms.

Along with pictures, this section gives you the opportunity to include the following information:

  • Bedroom Name
  • Cost of this Room per Night before tax (This is now a mandatory field. Written in numerical form ex: 100.00)
  • Room Pricing Statement in English (Example: $100 per night)
  • Brief Description of Bedroom (60 Characters maximum)
  • Bed Type
  • Bathroom Type
  • Feature items in room (air conditioning, phone, internet, fireplace, etc.)

Uploading your bedroom pictures and information is easy! Once you have your pictures saved on your computer, here's how to do it, step by step:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your subscriber number and password. (Remember to put your password in CAPITALS.)
  3. Go to Section 5 - Bedroom Management and click 'Go!'.
  4. Click on the green "+" symbol to add a bedroom.
  5. Add an image by clicking on the 'Browse' button in the 'Picture of Bedroom' line.
  6. Complete the various information fields to describe your bedroom.
  7. When complete, scroll down and be sure to click on the button that says 'Click Here to Add Bedroom'.
  8. When you have saved your changes, you may need to click 'Refresh' to see your updates. (To 'Refresh' by pressing Ctrl + R on your keyboard; this will bring your page up to date.)

Please have a look at our availability calendar which allows you to display your availability to your visitors and facilitate reservation inquiries.

Section 6 - Photo Gallery

You can manage your pictures for your Main Info Tab and your Photo Gallery Tab.

In Section 6 of to the far right of each photo number you will see a green '+' symbol if there is no image at all, or a blue 'e' symbol if there is one uploaded already.

If there is no image yet, click on the green '+' symbol. Click 'Browse' and find the image that you have saved on your computer. Add the file by clicking 'Open', then scroll down and hit 'Click here to Add Photo'.

If there is already an image and you wish to change it, click on the blue 'e' symbol. You need to delete the existing image, click on the red 'x' symbol. Then, you may click 'Browse' to find the image you wish to take its place. Add the file, then scroll down and hit 'Click here to Add Photo'.

Repeat this process for each picture you wish to add or replace. When you look at your listing to see the update, you may need to click 'Refresh' to see the changes. When you are looking at your site and see an old picture or thumbnail simply refresh your page. (To 'Refresh' by pressing Ctrl + R on your keyboard; this will bring your page up to date.)

Section 7 - Breakfast Menu and Recipes

Here you may add your B&B's breakfast menu and favorite recipes for your guests to enjoy.

Click on the green '+' symbol to add your menu or recipe. Select whether you wish the menu or recipe to be online or offline, the menu/recipe type, and display position which determines which recipe/menu your visitor will see first.

Add a photo. Enter the name of your menu or recipe and add a description in detail in the space provided. If you have your listing available in both languages, you may also add your menu or recipe in the second language.

If at any time you wish to change a menu or recipe, just click on the blue 'e' symbol, and make any changes you wish.

Once you have entered all of your details, scroll to the bottom and hit 'Click here to Add Menu/Recipe'.

Section 8 - Nearby Attractions and Services

This feature is an advanced search option so therefore this maximizes how visitors find you! This section is very easy to use, and it's a great way to show future guests why they should choose your B&B!

You can select up to 5 attractions. To add one, simply click on the green '+' symbol and it is now being displayed. You can then click on the blue 'e' symbol to include a short description of the attraction.

For example, if you are a B&B located in downtown Toronto, you may choose to select 'Shopping / Outlet Stores'. You may then click the blue 'e' symbol, and add 'Minutes away from Eaton Centre' to be more specific.

If you wish to remove an Attraction, simply click on the red 'x' symbol at any time under the 'Subscribe' column.

Section 9 - Contest and Promotions

This Area of BBDUG displays any contests we are running. You may click on the 'View Details' icon to read about the contest in detail. If you wish to participate, you may click on the blue 'e' symbol to change your participation status. This is also where you remove yourself from the contest if no longer wish to participate.

Section 10 - Outside Web Hosting

BBCanada offers two hosting options:

  • Fully Hosted Website: $100 annually + applicable taxes
    This website hosting package includes:
    1. Hosting for your site for one full year
    2. Yearly Domain Name Registration renewal
    3. One email address with unlimited aliases and SPAM filtering
    4. FTP access for site updates
    5. Search engine submission to over 900 search engines


Your domain transfer/registration payment will be pro-rated to match your BBCanada listing renewal date. ie: you will only pay a portion today to bring your hosting renewal in line with your renewal date.

  • Domain Redirection : $30 annually + applicable taxes
    If you would like a custom domain name, but you are not ready for an outside website, this option is for you. With domain redirection, people will be immediately redirected to your webpage when they type in your web address.


Section 11 - Stay Alert

Our Stay Alert center is designed to help you spot fraudulent booking requests and to allow you to share any that you have received. View this list at any time if you receive a suspicious email. Please review the list first and if it is already there, you can delete it immediately. Please do not reply to any suspected emails.

If you receive one that is not yet on the list and wish to have it added, forward the original email to us at and we will add it to our Stay Alert Section.

There is also what we call spammers. Spammers are people who send you annoying messages constantly. They cannot harm you unless they have an attachment that could possibly hold a virus. DO NOT OPEN attachments unless you know the source. Spam becomes extremely annoying and fills your inbox with unwanted email. Please note that BBCanada has many spam filters in place, but cannot block everything.

When you get an email that doesn't have any rhyme or reason, simply delete it. Do not open attachments. Place a filter into your own email account with a particular word so that any emails containing that word will be pulled out of your inbox and placed it into your junk folder automatically. If you need assistance with this please contact your email provider (I.S.P.)as BBCanada simply forward emails. However, if you are hosted with us we are your I.S.P.

Section 12 - Gift Certificate

Section 12 of is the area dedicated to gift certificates. We have our In House Gift Certificate. As well as our partnership with Life Experiences. You can participate in both gift certificate programs free of charge!

To participate in these gift certificates simply go in section 12 of your BBDUG and click on "Go" beside the program you wish to participate in.

This section also allows you to use our online validation tool for our In House Gift Certificate B&Bs to verify that the certificate is legitimate.

The process is very easy. Simply enter the code into our online validation tool. If the code is legitimate, the tool will provide you with information such as the certificate status, the gift certificate image, the name of the guest, and the purchase date. Please note there is no expiry date for the BBCanada in house gift certificates. Please confirm that this information matches the information on the certificate.

For complete information on BBCanada Gift Certificates please click here: Gift Certificates - BBOwners

For complete information on our Life Experiences partnership please click here: Life Experiences

Section 13 - Location Management

Location Management is a feature created by that allows you to select and purchase multiple city locations for your listing.

With this feature you may list your B&B in up to 5 cities of your choice. With each location you purchase, you are given great exposure for your B&B in neighboring cities within a 30 minute drive.

If you would like to purchase a location in a nearby city, follow these quick and simple steps:

  • Visit Area 13 of
  • Click on the '+' symbol to purchase a new location.
  • Select a province.
  • Select a city within that province.
  • Make your payment for your new location.

Another way to add a location is our 'Recommended Locations' in section 13 of your BBDUG. Simply click 'buy' on the location you want under our recommended ones.

You can also edit your locations at any time in this area. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on the blue 'e' beside the city you wish to change.
  • Select a province.
  • Select the city you wish to appear in.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking 'The location is correct. Click to proceed' button.

To assist you we have a comprehensive FAQ on Location Management that you may view at any time here:

Location Management - Frequently Asked Questions

*Be careful not to delete the locations you have purchased as you will have to purchase them again. BBCanada will not replace your locations if you have deleted them.*

Section 14 - Featured Listing

A BBCanada Featured Listing allows you to display your listing at the very top of BBCanada's city search results, helping you boost your visits and bookings! Stand out from the crowd by purchasing your Featured Listing today!

To assist you we have a comprehensive FAQ on the Featured Listing that you may view at any time here:

Featured Listing - Frequently Asked Questions

Section 15 - Testimonials is happy to give you yet another great feature that is included in your listing. Your Guest may now submit their testimonials which you will have the option of displaying on your BBCanada page by validating them.

Once your visitor has submitted a testimonial you will be notified via email. This will direct you to go to your BBDUG section 15: Testimonials of your B&B which will indicate in red, (You have a new testimonial).

Click go on section 15. You will now see all your testimonials in 2 parts; those that are unvalidated and awaiting your approval and those that you have already validated.

To Approve a Testimonial: Click on the green [+] symbol in the 'Approved Testimonial' column to validate or click on the red [x] symbol under the 'Click to Delete' column to deny the testimony.

*Please note that by validating the testimonial it will be displayed on your BBCanada page.

Section 16 - Partnerships and Programs

A. Insurance Partnership has a comprehensive Insurance Partnership Program exclusive to B&B owners. The Insurance Partnership Program is customized to meet your individual insurance needs. It will provide members with extremely competitive pricing and unmatched coverage in the insurance industry. A savings of 10-30 % off your current insurance rates!

For more information visit BBDUG section 16

B. Rewards

Each time you refer a B&B to join you will have a $5 credit put towards every yearly renewal amount, up to a maximum of 4 credits ($20). This credit will remain as long as they stay online with

To illustrate, if you bring 4 B&B referrals, you will see a discount of $5 x 4 = $20 on your yearly invoice, each year, as long as those 4 B&B's remain online with BBCanada. This will automatically appear on your Yearly Invoice/Account Status report in

Lost your password?

To retrieve your bbdug password, simply visit This will bring up a screen that allows you to login to bbdug, or (just below it), retrieve your password.

If the screen does not allow you to retrieve your password, it is because we do not currently have an email address for you on file (we can't send a password if we don't have your email!). If you wish to add your email address, please email us and be sure to include your B&B name and subscriber number (found at the bottom of your homepage with us).

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