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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 283:

Uploading & Updating your Website

BBCanada hosts my vanity domain (www.mybbname.com). How can I get my website to you?
Do you allow me to update my custom website via FTP?
Can I update my custom site with BBDUG?

BBCanada hosts my vanity domain (www.mybbname.com). How can I get my website to you?

In order for BBCanada to host your website, we require a copy of your website to be placed on our server. We can obtain your website through one of three methods:

  1. Upload them using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We have previously sent you FTP log in details. If you have misplaced them, we'll gladly resend them.
  2. You can email us a "winzip" archive of your entire website.
  3. You can provide us with FTP login details to your previous website provider so that we may go and retrieve your website for you. We require your FTP servername, FTP username and FTP password to get your files.

You can always email us at hosting@bbcanada.com or call 1-800-239-1141 if you have any questions.

Do you allow me to update my custom website via FTP?

Yes, you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload files to your site.

In order to have ftp access to your site, you need the following information:

FTP Site : ftp.bbcanada.com
FTP Username : (your subscriber number, example: 1234)
FTP Password : (your bbdug password all in upper case, example: ABCDEF)

To retrieve your BBDUG/FTP password, click here.

Simply configure your FTP program with this information and you will have immediate access to your website.

Please note that FTP programs are different than BBDUG, and they cannot be used to edit your website. If you need your website updated and you do not know how to edit the files yourself, you can have us perform the update for you for a small charge. To inquire about the cost of a particular update, send an email to webdesigner@bbcanada.com detailing your request.

Can I update my custom site with BBDUG?

No, BBDUG was written specifically for updating BBCanada listings; BBDUG cannot be used to updated any custom website.

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