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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 19:

What is the difference between Mailing Address City and Location?

"Mailing Address City" should always be the official city name within your mailing address.

"Location" should be the largest city that you are near, within 20-30 minutes driving. Often, "Location" and "Mailing Address City" are identical.

Sometimes, however, if you live on the outskirts of a larger centre, they would be different. Example: If you lived in Kanata, you would want to put "Kanata" as your "Mailing Address City", but have "Ottawa" as your "Location".

"Location" helps you get more traffic from this site. Many users of BBCanada are from other parts of the world. They have no idea where "Kanata" is, but they certainly know where "Ottawa" is.

Proper etiquette for "Location" is that you are no more than 20 driving minutes from the larger centre. If you list in a nearby location that is in fact more than 20-30 minutes, you will most likely annoy the prospective client who will never contact you again. Honesty truly is the best policy here because there are also many B&B users who wish to stay on the outskirts of a larger centre as they are nature lovers, bird watchers, etc.

To see the "Location" that your B&B is listed under, see "Area 1 - Contact Information" in BBDug. Your Location is the city next to "Please list my B&B in this city"

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