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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 1782:

BBCanada.com In-House Gift Certificates - B&B Owners

How do I get reimbursed for the BBCanada.com In-House Gift Certificate I have accepted?

When a client contacts you to arrange a reservation and advises you that they wish to use a BBCanada.com In-House gift certificate for payment, please ask them for the validation number that appears on the lower right-hand corner of the certificate. You may then validate the code in BBDUG- section 12 or contact us at 1-800-239-1141 and provide us with the validation number for confirmation. Once this has been confirmed online in BBDUG or with our office you can proceed with the booking arrangement. Please ensure that your cancellation policies are reviewed with your client at that time.

When your guest has arrived at your B&B ask them for the original gift certificate. After their stay please send us this original certificate along with an invoice for the amount of the Gift Certificate.

If your guest has not used the full amount of the certificate you may offer them the difference in cash or credit for a future stay, at your discretion.

Once we have received the original gift certificate and invoice we will issue you a cheque in the amount required or for even faster reimbursement we can now refund you by Interac (we can send money directly to you using your online or mobile banking). Simply send a note asking for this to be done when submitting your original gift certificate and invoice. Please confirm the email address for which you would like us to use for the Interac transfer of funds. If no address is indicated, we will use by default your account email address. As well, please note when you get the email with the Interac transfer there will be a security question. Question is What is the best meal of the day? Answer of course is: Breakfast . After this you will be able to proceed and complete your transfer of funds through the financial institution of your choose.

Our mailing address:
318 21st Street East, Suite 220
Saskatoon, SK.,
S7K 6C8

How can I tell if this BBCanada.com In-House Certificate is authentic?

At the bottom of the gift certificate you will feel a raised impression which is our corporate seal. This seal will appear on all gift certificates. When you call us with the validation number, this will also confirm the certificate's validity.

A client made a booking and cancelled. Now what?

If a guest has decided not to use the certificate at your B&B, please adhere to your personal cancellation policy if you have one in place. The potential guest is responsible for paying any cancellation fees that you have outlined in your cancellation policy. BBCanada.com is not responsible for any cancellation fees that a guest has incurred with your B&B.

What are the advantages of accepting BBCanada.com Gift Certificates?

When you participate in our program you get reimbursed 100% of the visitor's gift certificate. Your B&B is automatically placed in our advance search under B&B's who accept BBCanada.com Gift Certificates and you have this icon added to your BBCanada.com page!

BBCanada.com In-House Gift Certificates - Terms and Conditions

BBCanada.com Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable.

Gift certificates are valid only at participating B&B's that display the BBCanada gift certificate icon on their listing.

All gift certificates are issued in Canadian dollars.

All B&B policies regarding cancellations, deposits, etc. will apply. Please contact the B&B for details of their individual policies. BBCanada.com is not responsible for any incurred cancellation fees.

B&B's on BBCanada.com are permitted to change their participation status at any time. Please contact the B&B to confirm their participation status and ensure they will accept a BBCanada.com gift certificate and have a room available.

Once a gift certificate has been purchased the gift certificate will be mailed to the shipping address provided via Canada Post.

Gift certificates may be redeemed for an amount up to the value of the certificate. If there is a balance remaining it is at the discretion of the B&B owner to offer a cash refund or future credit in the remaining amount if they so choose.

If the total cost of the stay is greater than the certificate amount the B&B owner must collect the additional amount from the certificate holder.

The B&B owner must verify the validation code on the certificate before confirming reservations with certificate holders. Please verify online in BBDUG section 12 or call 1-800-239-1141 to validate the certificate.

Original gift certificates must be given to the B&B owner upon arrival.

For more information:

If you have any further questions regarding BBCanada.com In-House gift certificates, please feel free to contact us at info@bbcanada.com

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