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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 1625:

Availability Calendars

Availability Calendars
Enabling your Availability Calendars
Updating your Availability Calendar
Adding the Availability Calendars to your Personal Website

Availability Calendars

BBCanada has added the ability for our subscribers to manage the availability of individual bedrooms.

This allows your next potential guest to be able to see which bedrooms are available on which dates, thus cutting down on requests for rooms already booked and possibly increasing the number of bookings for days rooms are available.

"Availability Calendars" are easy to manage, require no technical skill and can be updated in seconds. A standard calendar is used to display which days a room is or is not available.

"Availability Calendars" can be enabled for any/all bedrooms you wish to manage. It is not mandatory to use Availability Calendars, but we recommend that you try to manage at least one room to start. Once you become more familiar and comfortable with the system, please enable an Availability Calendar for another bedroom.

Enabling your Availability Calendars

Each room is managed separately and has its own Availability Calendar. It is up to you which and how many rooms you manage.

To enable an Availability Calendar for a room:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your subscriber number and password.
  3. Beside Area 5 - Bedroom Descriptions, click 'Go!'.
  4. Click the edit icon next to your bedroom.
  5. Check-mark "Enable Availability Calendar".
  6. Save changes.
  7. You will then see the Availability appear next to that bedroom. Click on that icon to view the Availability Calendar for that room.

Follow these instructions for each room you wish to manage availability with.

Updating your Availability Calendar

Your Availability Calendar looks like any regular calendar.

You may click on the "<" and ">" links to decrease and increase the date respectively, changing month by month. The links "<<" and ">>" will decrease and increase the calendar year by year.

To Update your Calendar:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your subscriber number and password.
  3. Beside Area 5 - Bedroom Descriptions, click 'Go!'.
  4. Click the calendar icon next to your bedroom.

To Update One Day at a Time

To change the availability status, click on the desired date on the calendar. If the date was unavailable, it will now be available. If the date was available, it will now be unavailable.

Unavailable dates are on a purple coloured background. Available dates are on a light coloured background.

To Update Several Days at a Time

If you need to reserve or open dates in bulk, use the Bulk Selection Tool at the bottom :

  1. Click the "Calendar" button next to the "From:" date.
  2. Select a start date.
  3. Click the "Calendar" button next to the "To:" date.
  4. Select an end date.
  5. Click the "Reserve Date" button to and save the date range.
  6. The calendar will refresh with the dates properly marked.
  7. To edit other rooms, click the 'Back to Bedroom Management Main Menu' button at the bottom of the screen.

Adding the Availability Calendars to your Personal Website

Each calendar is available on an otherwise blank page so that you can include it directly on your own personal site. Choosing to include the BBCanada Availability Calendar on your own web pages will enhance your site for your clients, allowing them to see quickly and easily when rooms are available. Using the BBCanada Availability Calendar will also save you time - rather than updating the BBCanada calendar as well as your own calendar, you can now update both at the same time in BBDUG.

To include a calendar on your personal web site, simply give the calendar links to your web designer, who will be able to offer a few different ways to integrate the calendar onto your web pages. Each link can be found by following these steps:

  1. Log on to BBDUG. Go Area 5: Bedroom Management
  2. Click on the 'C' icon beside the bedroom of your choice.
  3. Beside the name of your bedroom, you will see two links: 'View in BBCanada' and 'View out BBCanada'. The link for 'View out BBCanada' will bring you to a blank page with your calendar - simple copy the url and give it to your web designer.

BBCanada can also add the calendars to any site that we host! For an introductory rate of $25 + applicable taxes, we can add each of your BBCanada calendars to your website.

For more information, please email our Web Designer at This low price is only for sites that we host, it costs you nothing to transfer your site to us, and you won't pay until your next BBCanada renewal date - you could receive an entire year of hosting for free! For information on hosting, please email or visit: Hosting through BBCanada

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