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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ 10:

Language Module

Language Modules:

A Language Module allows you to display your listing to visitors from around the world in English and French.

Please note that your B&B name, contact information and pictures will be identical to your primary language. Your additional language page is not a second listing. If you would like to purchase up to 5 additional locations, please see BBDUG Section 13 Location Management.

What are the benefits of having this option? There are many advantages; the most important one is that you have now opened your business to a greater client base nationally and internationally. People are much more apt to look at your site if it is in their mother tongue. This will allow clients to have a better understanding of the services you offer and provide for a more satisfying stay.

Some owners have expressed concern that they don't speak the second language and they don't want to mislead the prospective visitors. This is a fair comment and we would suggest that you note this in one of your 4-5 concise statements.

Language Module purchase options:

Do It Yourself Language Module:

The cost is $15 + applicable tax per year.

Once purchased, we will activate the ability for you to use BBDUG and add the language information yourself. Modifying the language module is simple. Go to BBDUG; enter your username and password; modify your text under Section 4 - Description Area (Francais) / Language Module and save. Your modifications will appear automatically and immediately. Nothing could be simpler! Don't forget to keep both languages up to date to maximize the benefits.

Click here to purchase a Do It Yourself Language Module.

Language Module with translation:

The cost is $50 + applicable tax (one time initial fee.) Our bilingual French speaking staff will translate your main page and bedroom page text. At your subscription renewal time there will be a $15 + applicable tax annual fee to maintain the language module. If you would like translation for additional sections of the site, the fee structures is as follows: photo captions and nearby attractions $15 + applicable tax, and menu and recipe section $15 + applicable tax for 150 words. Please ask for a quote on larger translations in this section.

Once purchased, our bilingual French speaking staff will translate your homepage with and advise you via email that it is finished. To edit your listing after the initial translation, a $15+ applicable tax charge per edit can be paid for online.

Click here to purchase a Language Module with Translation.

Language Module for Association Members:

The language module itself is complimentary for association members for a savings of $15 plus applicable tax. Please contact us and we will be happy to enable this feature for you. You may chose the Do It Yourself model or the Module with translation and the usual translation costs as above will apply.

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