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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Index:
BBCanada Members
B&B Associations
Email, Hosting and Web Design
For Sale Pages, Marketplace Ads, Getaway ads and Banner Advertising on
Payment Solutions, Debit & Credit card Processing
Glossary of terms
What is BBCanada's Privacy Policy?
BBCanada E-Traveller details
What happens if email is returned to me as non-deliverable?
What is the B & B for Vets promotion (for veterans and military personnel visitors)?

Join us!
What is the criteria to be listed on BBCanada?
Bed and Breakfast Licensing
What is included in a BBCanada Subscription?
How can I be listed under two or more different cities/locations?
BBCanada Rewards Program

BBCanada Members
How do I create or update my listing using BBDUG? Lost your BBDUG password?
What are the Availability Calendars, and how do I use them?
How do I index my homepage on BBCanada? Why don't I show up on any search engines like Yahoo or Lycos?
How do I use Nearby Attractions?
BBCanada's online map link service, Google Maps, how does it work?
What is the difference between Mailing Address City and Location?
What do the 'Breakfast Service' descriptions mean?
I have changed the name of my B&B, but I can't find a place to do so within How can I have this changed?
I have pictures on my personal website. Can I add them to my BBCanada listing?
How can I tell if this booking request is fraudulent?
What is a language module, what benefits will it offer my business, pricing, how do I register and maintain it?
Location Management
What is a Featured listing and how do I purchase it?
What is a Wedding listing and how do I purchase it?
BB Book-It Help Centre
Add Your Own Booking Engine
GPS Coordinates
Helpful Hints for B&Bs participating in the "B&Bs for Vets" initiative.
As a B&B owner, what is the B&B for Vets promotion and how can I be listed?
What is the Canadian Forces Appreciation Program?
What is BBCanada's Payment Solutions Program?
How can I make it easy for visitors to check my reviews on TripAdvisor or visit my Facebook page?

B&B Associations
Creating and maintaining an Association Home page.
Frequently Asked Questions about B&B Associations

Email, Hosting and Web Design
Email: Setting Up and Managing your Custom Email Address
Email: Setting Up Email using Outlook
Email: Setting Up Email using Outlook Express
Email: How do I setup Mail Forwarding if I'm using BBCanada to host my mail?
Email: What happens if email is returned to me as non-deliverable?
Hosting: How can I sign up and pay for hosting?
Hosting: Hosting through BBCanada
Hosting: What features are offered by BBCanada's hosting service?
Hosting: Domain Names (
Hosting: Uploading and Updating your Custom Website
Hosting: If your B&B domain name expires...
Web Design: How do I purchase Web Design services?
Web Design: Web Design by BBCanada

For Sale Pages, Marketplace Ads, Getaway Ads and Banner Advertising on
Could I have more information about the For Sale pages?
What are the Marketplace Ads? Who can advertise there?
Banner advertising on
What are the Getaway Ads? What are the benefits of having a Getaway Ad?

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