BBCanada’s Payment Solutions Program

What is BBCanada's Payment Solutions program?

BBCanada's Payment Solutions program allows your business to accept credit and debit cards from your customers. We have entered into a partnership with Vantiv® Payment Solutions to bring this program to you.

What are the advantages to using BBCanada's Payment Solutions?

BBCanada is a name you know and can trust. Whether you currently offer credit card/debit as a payment option or not, you stand to keep more of your money by using our Payment Solutions.

How do I apply?

Follow this link to the application form.

Who Is Vantiv Payment Systems?

Vantiv®, is a leading provider of payment processing and revenue generation solutions with whom BBCanada has a partnership. Since BBCanada has thousands of members, were able to negotiate the best possible rate for our members*.

* Please note you must be a member in good standing of to take advantage of this discount.

How will I get paid?

Funds are electronically deposited nightly to your bank account.

Will any of my money be held back?


How soon can I start accepting credit and debit cards?

As soon as you join this program and receive the credit card processing equipment.

When will I receive the card processing equipment?

5-7 Business days.

Will I get a statement of my transactions?

Yes. A monthly statement will be sent to you.

Who do I contact in the event of a discrepancy or problem?

Payment Solutions: 800-239-1141, then 5 for Payment Solutions or email /

Who do I contact in the event of a chargeback on my statement or in an emergency?

Payment Solutions: 800-239-1141, then 5 for Payment Solutions or email /

Can I suspend my account for the months I am closed, and what, if any, fees will I be charged during this time?

Typically merchants are charged a minimum monthly fee for months they aren't using this service, however BBCanada has negotiated a special option for you, our members, which allows for seasonal suspension at no charge. Please negotiate this at the beginning of your contract.

Is this service offered in both English and French?

Yes. We have ensured that all of our members can use Payment Solutions in either official language.

For more information

Call Payment Solutions at 800-239-1141, then 5 for Payment Solutions or email / for all terms and conditions.