Bed & Breakfast of Manitoba members work together as the MANITOBA BED & BREAKFAST MARKETING CO-OP INC. operating as BED & BREAKFAST OF MANITOBA. This is Canada¹s first bed & breakfast marketing co-operative.

The B & B owners wish to acknowledge the help and guidance of the Manitoba Department of Industry, Trade & Mines, and the Manitoba Department of Culture Heritage & Tourism, in assisting us in forming a very healthy and growing co-operative made up of bed and breakfast owners from all regions of Manitoba.

The benefits of the structure are countless; not only to the B & B owners and their guests, but also as an added draw stimulating the tourist /accommodation industry in Manitoba. The co-op can now utilize the creativity and energy of our 71 B & B owners in Manitoba; 6 of which are located in Winnipeg. You might say that our province now has a very well organized group of ambassadors promoting Manitoba, setting high standards for our industry, and reacting to the changing needs of the traveling public.